In today’s job market, with record-low unemployment rates, it’s time to consider justice-involved individuals. These highly trained and ready employees have the right skillset for today’s challenges. But what really sets them apart is their positive attitude and drive.

Learn more about all the benefits of hiring a formerly incarcerated individual – from their bosses, as well as those who’ve gone on to reclaim their lives.

HR pros think the quality of work is as high or higher than those with no criminal record.

Considering formerly incarcerated individuals for your open positions is the right thing to do – not only because it helps them rebuild their lives and contribute to the greater community, but because you’re getting dedicated, smart workers who will help build your company’s success.

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One opportunity leads to another.

For justice-involved individuals, a job is a second chance at something better. Every opportunity is a chance for them to prove that they’re worth it. They work harder and rise faster, empowering them to hold their heads high, regain their place in the community, and inspire others.

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Gerry is proof-positive that nothing is set in stone and people can change for the better. He was first arrested when he was 12 years old. Getting opportunities from employers who weren’t afraid to take a chance on him has empowered him to grow into a career he loves and be there for his family.

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